MARC FORNES, registered and practicing Architect DPLG, leads THEVERYMANY, a New York-based studio specializing in large-scale, site-specific structures that unify skin, support, form, and experience into a single system. Over the last ten years, Marc has designed and built a number of organic, thin-shell constructions that push the limits of form, structure, and space. This body of work is situated between the fields of art and architecture, with particular focus in the realm of public art. Each public artwork aims to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors, while also contributing to the visual identity of a place and catalyzing community engagement.

This practice is propelled by Marc’s expertise in computational design. THEVERYMANY represents a body of research that continues to advance new parametric outcomes and implement complex techniques in architecture and beyond. Each project evolves previous inquiries, and further investigates design though codes and computational protocols, addressing new ways to describe complex curvilinear self-supported surfaces into series of flat elements for efficient fabrication.

Some of these prototypical architectures have acquired and displayed by institutions and galleries including the Centre Pompidou (Paris), where Y/STRUC/SURF is part of the permanent collection, the FRAC Centre (Orleans, FR), and the Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York). Marc has also exhibited at the Guggenheim, GGG Art Basel Miami, Art Paris and sold at auction at Phillips De Pury.

Marc has shared his research as a TED fellow, in public lectures and through academic appointments, artist residencies and workshops. With Francois Roche, he co-founded “(n)Certainties,” a graduate studio at Columbia University with visiting semesters at the University of Southern California and at Die Angewandte in Vienna. He has taught at University of Michigan, Princeton and Harvard GSD with Patrik Schumacher.

In 2007 Marc designed and launched, the first exhibition exclusively focusing on scripted processes within design, curated for the European section at the 2008 Architecture Biennale in Beijing.

Marc’s professional experience in the UK, US and France include SOM, Ross Lovegrove and ZAHA HADID Architects. At ZHA, Marc was project architect for an experimental Mediatheque in Pau, France. He directed extensive material research and geometrical development for what would have been the largest self-supported carbon fiber shell to date.


MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is an art and architecture studio specializing in the intersection of unique spatial experience and ultra-thin lightweight structures.

The design research of the studio is deeply rooted in the development of computational protocols and means of digital fabrication. Over the last ten years, the studio has invented and further developed "Structural Stripes," a building system by which custom-designed parts form complex, self-supporting curvilinear surfaces.

Applying their unique approach to design, engineering and construction, the studio has designed and built a collection of "Crawling Assemblies" across United States, Canada and Europe  -- fantastical structures at a scale between art and architecture, and which unify surface, structure and spatial experience into a single system. Calling to mind different organic references depending on viewer, the undulating, often brightly-colored structures craft unique spaces that manipulate light and our typical understanding of depth.


Jean Morana (Associate)

Claudia Corcilius (Registered Architect)

Braden Allen Scott, Parker Bunce, Mateo Fernandez


Cloud Huai, Gabrielle Printz, Varun Chillara, Jonathan Cortes, Eliott Sounigo, Payam Taheri, Claire Dub, Kesra Mansuri, Sean Paris-Thompson, Christian Arias, Yotam Ben Hur, David Eaton, Matilda Forsberg, Kathy Gray, Madeleine Kotuiga, Dana Bazzi, Dana Shin, Yinglin, Sylvain Raillard, Jeffrey Quantz, Austin Chod, Sean Cahalin, Austin Smith, Cessilia, Pablo Iriarte, Molly Baum, Dustin Mattiza, Dwight Engel, Anass Benhachmi, Peter Nguyen, Maurizio Bianchi, Jared Laucks, John Becker, Brandon Kruysman, Jon Proto, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt, etc…



2019 | CODA Award in Public Spaces: Boolean Operator 2019 | Architizer Jury A+ Award: Pop-Up & Temporary 2019 | PAN Year In Review Award: Wanderwall 2018 | CODA Award in Public Spaces: Minima | Maxima 2017 | YouFab Global Creative Awards: Minima | Maxima
2017 | Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Awards in Digital Fabrication: Under Magnitude
2017 | Americans for the Arts Year in Review: Under Magnitude
2015 | Edmonton Design Awards in the category of Urban Fragments: Vaulted Willow
2015 | Americans for the Arts Year in Review: Vaulted Willow
2015 | CODA Public Spaces Merit: Vaulted Willow
2014 | Best Project Award ACADIA 
2014 | WAN 21 for 21 Award
2013 | Design Vanguard by Architectural Record
2013 | Architectural League Prize
2013 | 40th Annual Interior Design Award by IIDA 
2013 | A+ Award 
2012 | AIA New Practice New York



Images by Alan Tansey



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