Unique research: Building complex forms and structures out of planar linear STRIPES.


Ten years ago, MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY invented a unique approach to describing and building a form: 'Structural Stripes.' In this "topological-walking stripe-based material system," thousands of parts, each unique, describe a form; the parts are digitally cut from a flat pieces of aluminum and fastened to neighbors -- achieving curvature and constructing the form in physical reality. 

Since the conception of structural stripes, projects in increasing scale and complexity have further developed the system. It is explained further in two features below: "The Origin of Stripes," a 2-minute video profiling the permanent structure Under Magnitude in Orlando, Florida, and "The Stripes Effect,” which documents the assembly and reception of Minima | Maxima, the studio’s tallest-thinnest structure built for the 2017 World Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan.