PROPOSAL | Material Application | Los Angeles | 05.2008

Design & Computation: MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™

SERIES / STUDIES on “minimum of primitives / maximum degree of diversity”


"An approximation is an inexact representation of something that is still close enough to be useful." (ie:

Where approximation is usually seen as a simplification - or loss of information - here the relation between the information and its mode of representation is an interesting catch 22:

When the resultant has an apparent complexity it is in fact driven through a single path curve. Though while its representation is simpler, the mathematical definition of a Nurbs curve is far more complex then its approximation as the sum and repetition of primitives polyhedron.

Approximation is here strategize as an increase of potential: within the apparent noise each element finds its place - allowing an overall continuity through a face to face connection between local loops / closed shapes and increase the structural depth of the original driving path.

## 01 - "single path approximation"

## 02 - "surface approximation"