The "Samourai" skin

Between garment and body armours


One of seven prototypical corpus (re)investigating the art of tailoring and garment patterning through custom computational techniques...


256 West 36th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues) 10th Floor
New York NY 10018


Les danseurs du tailor...

A suite of 9 digitally-sculpted life-size danseurs, Revealed through a second-skin of CNC-patterned and hand-riveted aluminum

Presented at MOSS Bureau | Opening(s) in May, NYC

Design & computation: MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY, 2013

This project is addressing the space we know the best: our body envelope. Not far from the world of fashion, this is an investigation on different ways to precisely tailor custom aluminum garments or "body as armors". Advanced protocols (or computational set of instructions) were especially developed and applied onto digital bodies seemingly in motion. Postures with a certain attitude were selected and different body parts were inflated in order to accommodate the possibility of motion. Areas with highly differentiated curvature had to crack, resulting into crease naturally structuring the silhouette. Different algorithm were developed to search and describe those 3D models resulting into a highly custom pattern of many parts, all unique and digitally cut into aluminum - to be precisely re-stitched like 3D puzzles of human scale...

That project lies somewhere between body figures or mannequins, fashion as a research in ways of tailoring highly specific patterns, and frozen armors...