Bridge Gallery, New York (2009)

THEVERYMANY™ | Echinoids | Bridge Gallery | New York | July/Aug, 2009

Production ($): Marc Fornes


Project team: Marc Fornes (principal) & Claudia Corcilius, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt,...

# Many thanks to all the people who helped stiching: Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt,... Brandt Graves, Carrie Mcknelly, Elliot White, Troy Zezula,... Biayna Bogosian, Christine Rogiaman, Jared Laucks, Scott C. Savage,... Al Attari... Brian Doyle, Claire Davenport, Claudia Corcilius, Courtney Song, Gary Mellon, Heidi Bullinga, Kamyar Rahimi, Majda Muhic, Marcelo Ertorteguy, Matthew DeLuca, Melissa Funkey, Otilia Pupezeanu, Sara Valente, Simon Kristav, Shadi Arani, Veronica Emig,...# Many thanks to Marylin Garber / the Bridge Gallery...

# Many thanks to Peter Macapia for the invitation...

# Many thanks for the fabrication support to: - PRATT INSTITUTE - anyline (laser cutting) (

"-oid" is derived from the Latin suffix -oides taken from Greek and meaning "having the likeness of". Thus it is a suffix much used in the sciences and mathematics to indicate a "similarity, not necessarily exact, to something else". Thus Rhomboid means "like a rhombus". Because -oid denotes similarity, not necessarily exact, but can also denote exactness, in chemistry the suffix refers to a very large class of related compounds, natural and/or synthetic. Examples include steroid (of which sterols are just one smaller group) and alkaloid. (ie wikipedia)

From many parts... Long. 13.5ft - Larg. 5ft - Height 7.5ft 530 modules 25 Sheets (4*8") Walnut veneer (800 Sft) + olive oil 1600 of Elastic bras straps (Brown, Black, Navy Blue) 4500 screws

To logistic of parts... Lacing time: 1/2h/module - 40 modules/day!

09 July - September, 2009

BRIDGE GALLERY | New York City 98 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Many thanks to Marylin Garber (Bridge Gallery) and Peter Macapia (invitation)

* it is all about rustic computation...