[C]Space pavilion | AA, London | 2008

Design: Alvin Huang & Alan Dempsey Scripting consultant: Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™ (Rhinoscript)

* (credits: original photos by Arkfinder via CONTEMPORIST)

"[C]space is the winning competition entry in the ‘AADRLTen’ Pavilion project, an advanced technology concrete structure that will be erected in Bedford Square,London. The AADRL10 exhibition will open on the 22 February 2008 and the Pavilion will officialy open on 13 March 2008 along with the release of the DRL10 Book. The structure is being designed and developed by Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang with Adams Kara Taylor and members of the DRL." (http://cspacepavilion.blogspot.com)


"In advance of the work on site, the team built a 1:10 scale model to do a final check on the fit of all 850 peices. The model uses 3mm thick mdf, which is about twice the thickness of the real elements so the real structure will look even more delicate than the model.....but it will still come to around 30 tons of concrete and 7 tons of steel." (http://cspacepavilion.blogspot.com)


Marc Fornes was then asked by Alving Huang /[C]SPACE Pavilion to develope some descriptive geometry codes (wrapped as /NET plug-ins) in order to: - generate all the custom assembly notches at the intersection of the structural members - automaton for unroll the custom profiles

(credits: original photo by photographer Philippe Brysse)


Alan Dempsey / Alvin Huang Material Consultants: Wolfgang Rieder, Maria Pixner, Gerhard Enn, Arnold Leiter, Bodo Röder Structural Engineers: Hanif Kara, Reuben Brambleby, Oliver Bruckermann, Jugatx Ansotegui 3D Scripting Consultants: Marc Fornes, Eugene Han Construction Team: João Bravo da Costa, Arnold Leiter, Aditya C Chandra, Alan Jinsoo Kim, Jwalant Mahadevwala, Rashiq Muhammad Ali and current Phase 1 students, DRL V.11.1

Special respect to Alvin Huang for the quality of the design... and congrats to everyone else involved!!!