MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is an art and architecture studio practicing at cutting edge of computational design, structural engineering and spatial experience. The New York-based studio is internationally recognized for its 'Crawling Assemblies' -- permanent and temporary structures, situated between art and architecture, that unify surface, structure and space into a single system.

THEVERYMANY is led by Marc Fornes -- registered architect, connoisseur of the computational arts, and inventor of 'Structural Stripes.' More about Marc, including his CV, can be accessed here.



Fornes leads MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY, the NYC-based studio recognized for

Principal & Founder : Marc Fornes (Registered Architect D.P.L.G.)

Collaborators : Payam Taheri, Jean Morana, Claire Dub, Eliott Sounigo, Jonathan Cortes, Claudia Corcilius (Registered Architect)