“Approximation of the Mind” | for SEED Media Group | August 2009


Team: Marc Fornes (Principal) with Skylar Tibbits Computation (unit geometry & aperiodic packing) : Marc Fornes (in Rhinoscript) Computation (selection based on closed polysurface) : Skylar Tibbits (in Rhinoscript) Sponsor (Rapid Prototyping): Harbec Plastics

Commissioned by Seed Media Group and The Council on Competitiveness as a gift to Sheryl Handler, CEO of Ab Initio, at The State of Innovation Summit in Washington D.C..

Following Marc Fornes's long series of projects investigating through DIY computation the descriptive and design application of multiple types of Aperiodic Packing and other Quasi Crystal froms of space packing - "Approximation  of the mind" is a very light understanding and illustration of the brain as a collaborative phenomenon where "the resultant whole is greater then the sum of its single parts" - here with a least amount of single parts...

Key words: Marc Fornes, Aperiodic packing, SEED Media, rapid prototyping, STL