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SIDE_TRACK ON RECURSION: “Droste effect” (
The Droste effect is a Dutch term for a specific kind of recursive picture[1], one that in heraldry is termed mise en abyme. An image exhibiting the Droste effect depicts a smaller version of itself in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This smaller version then depicts an even smaller version of itself in the same place, and so on. Only in theory could this go on forever, practically it continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows, which is relatively short, since each iteration exponentially reduces the picture’s size. It is a visual example of a strange loop, a self-referential system.

I am just back from the smartgeometry conference 2008 hosted within the Coop Himmelblau BMW building in Munich (Germany) – even more than during the last year event in New York the historical consensus within the founding partner of the event on the specific platform sponsoring the event is definitively re-questioned – hopefully that artificially maintained monopole (clearly understood as a funding issue) will shift in the next venue toward a much larger agenda on the use of computation within the field of architecture – anyway many interesting work presented – sustainability and solar gain are definitively the hot topics…

to all the many people I have met through the conference keep in touch



  kristoffer wrote @

Hi Marc,I didn’t see you at the conference, although I figured that you’d take part. Did you also attend the workshop, and in case, what did come out of it?I’ve been following your work here with interest for some time now, a shame we didn’t meet, maybe next year!Cheers,Kristoffer

  evan vargas wrote @

Hey Marc, very interesting things you are doing; when are you going to publish a book on elementary start ups? I read earlier in your blog that you are tutoring SOM workers, any chance on some digital tutorial?

  Diana Quintero de Saul wrote @

Hi, I wondering how to get the plug-in of L-systems for GC version. I got “Jeneratiff.Generative.Components.LSystems.dll” file. for Generative Components and it didn’t load.I will really appreciate it if you can send by email the adequate version Thanks a

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