Being currently developping in parallel multiple schemes /projects /research, I finally decided to start uploading/replacing/developping theverymany agenda in a non-linear fashion for the next few weeks – snapshots in progress as they come! – non-linearity of posts within a blog format might be a challenge though?!
Image_01: XY component array… simple as “game of mod”… “mod” being a visual basic expression… once more ordering the “host array” is the key of the pattern…

Image 02-03: “this isn’t a map!” – both color scheme are generated based on a “Draft analysis tool as geometry” – the code is analysing for each surface within a polysurface its orientation compare to a given direction… then via neighbour check algorythm, the code is generating some sort of “level curves” between the zone of same orientation… in progress – yet running slowly – but more to come soon…

Image 04-05 are generated based on a personnal custom developped Voronoi 3D rhinoscripted tool – that tool is actually generating the cell via a geometrical set of operation within rhino instead of generating first the data set in QHUll and then, once sorted out, only drawing the cell by linkage of points in rhino – nothing exceptionnal and very short, the code is simply following, in a step by step process, the mathematical logic! – yet running obviously slower but though still surprisingly fast – the code is calling the rhino “boolean Intersection” method to create closed polysurfaces – that very mecanical processes allowed me to alterate the “pure” mathematical Voronoi algorythm in order to strategize on it as a design tool: here the partially troncated cells are linking each inputed points within the mass to the external enveloppe in a conic form – this speculation in progress is looking at cones of light & ventillation towards precise locations within a larger mass… -in progress-


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